Terri Bennett

California Vibes Part II: Inspiration Comes to Life

“Inspiration” is often more about what’s in your head than what is real. The desire to create a feeling (or emotion) that exists in your mind can guide many decisions. In Part I of California Vibes, details of the home’s basic design combined with specific aesthetic guided the decisions made throughout the construction of this new home. From the beginning, inspiration from California’s Napa Valley and Carmel were fused with French Country charm. Builder Troy Williams initiated the project in September 2019. It became a completely fulfilled reality in August. Stylized architecture, a neutral color palette, and highly textured...

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Have courage for new construction: How to survive the decisions

As a residential interior designer, I thrive in a world of all things construction. A professional designer is not “just a decorator.” I primarily focus my business on the demolition and reconstruction of existing kitchens, bathrooms and the remodeling of homes. That is what the market for projects in an established community like Frankfort entail. But recently, there has been a resurgence of new construction, and in custom homes providing a lot of owner input. While I am a firm believer in the “recycling” of homes through renovation, there is a certain appeal for new construction — new trends...

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Summer expressions: Inspired design from the front porch

Good design can happen anywhere. By late summer, spring efforts to bring color and personality to front porches are in full bloom. Potted urns, coordinated annuals and well-chosen perennials bring colorful life to area homes. The seasonal effect of front porch appeal is easily accomplished with a little planning. You become the designer of a relatively short-term commitment. Inspiration can be found in almost anything when it comes to your front porch. Nature, magazines, garden centers, even the homes of your neighbors. These five homes were found within a few short blocks of each other. As I drive past these beautifully implemented porches, I...

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California Vibes Part I: Under Construction

Good design is about the details — the textures, the materials and little nuances, that make your home yours. From the beginning, the owners of a new home project in Frankfort knew they would bring their affinity for California life to Kentucky. With cherished locales like Napa Valley and Carmel guiding the aesthetic, the home was destined to be full of personality and charm. Early design decisions define the home. The repetitive use of arches are carried throughout the house. (Photo submitted) By personally specifying materials and finishes, the transplanted homeowners maintain their vision of a California inspired home....

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Quiet elegance: Painted brick transforms this Cotswold Cottage style home   

My husband, Tom, and I have renovated nearly a dozen homes over the past few years. Four years ago, we had just finished a major master suite addition of our home when we unintentionally sold it out from under ourselves. We found ourselves in a modified Cotswold-Tudor style home. The 40 year old home had interesting character — quirky wavy siding, reclaimed schoolhouse brick and gloppy (no other way to describe it) mortar.  The unique construction told a fairytale castle-like story.       As an interior designer with an affinity for painted brick, the urge to correct, enhance and coverup the...

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