Terri Bennett

New Inspiration: Lifestyle stores — browse, shop, enjoy

Today’s retail “giants” can be design stumbling blocks when searching for ways to add personality to your home. But a new way to shop has evolved in the form of refreshing “lifestyle” stores. Resist ordering flatpack (easy to assemble, or not) furniture and mass produced run of the mill accessories.  These lifestyle boutique shops are designed around a curated selection of products that present a stylish, artful way of living. From small unique furnishings, to funky tabletop pieces, and even small collections of comfy apparel, these shops provide inspiration and easy upgrades for your home.  Designed as quaint boutiques, these...

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Wallpaper, wallpaper!: The 5 W’s of wallpaper

In a time when design trends are leaning toward simplifying and un-decorating homes the design industry has found a way to balance the aesthetic. It’s wallpaper! Neutral color and texture create calming comfort for today’s living. But color accents and subtle texture complete the look. In today’s world of wallpaper, color and graphics are bold. These bold, small gestures break up — the white, the beige and the neutral. Modern prints and textural wall products have high contrast color and large motifs. Striking pattern is the story. What, why, when and where, become the questions to consider before investing...

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A perfect palette: Brighter, calmer, softer hues

The house at the end of the Woodburn Street is admired by many. It is undeniably stately and classical in its presence. Jim and Mary Simpson are the owners of this beautiful, 4800 square foot, four bedroom home. The Simpson’s have taken on several home improvement projects over the past few years including the expansion of the patio, construction of an outdoor kitchen area, and extensive professionally designed landscaping. The master suite has also undergone a complete, top to bottom renovation. The extraordinary taste of these homeowners shows in every project. The original kitchen featured high end, traditionally detailed...

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The world of windows

Who could live without windows? The very nature of being able to see out into the world is vital. Natural light brings life into a home. Window treatments are an integral part of designing a room. Whether it is looking in from the outside, or the ability to add color and fashion to interior rooms, your choice in window treatments becomes an important decision.   Trends in the window treatment industry go beyond traditional 2-inch wood blinds or drapery options. Woven shades with natural texture, shutters that provide a structural element, and roller shades in a variety of color and pattern...

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Kitchen confidence: A kitchen to suit

The average full kitchen renovation can cost upwards of $40,000. A detailed look at what really needs to change is sometimes a simpler option. The owners of this newly purchased luxury home were drawn to the practical main floor living ranch layout and the plentiful auxiliary spaces in the basement. But the builder grade materials and dark color choices didn’t match their personal aesthetic. Before moving into the home, these homeowners undertook a significant renovation of several key rooms — the great room, master bath and the kitchen. The kitchen included quality Barber Cabinetry, but was lacking in other areas. Without taking on a full kitchen renovation, upgrades to lighting, paint, stone and tile were incorporated to transform the kitchen into a more tasteful, coordinated space. More than just the inclusion of personal choices, every single update added value. Value is found in the quality of the materials added, as well as professional guided design. The new kitchen is no longer a “builder” kitchen, but a kitchen that has been thoughtfully planned around their tastes and lifestyle. Stone. As a naturally occurring product, granite features mottled mineral tone coloring. The elegant grey/brown glazing of the cabinetry was intended to provide focus to the highly detailed cabinetry, but the busy multi-colored granite took away from the elegance of the cabinetry. A more neutral Vadara Petra Grigio quartz, fabricated by Counter...

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