Terri Bennett

Our home: From a house we bought to a home we made

In 10 years, my husband and I claim five different addresses as our home. Longevity just hasn’t been our mode when one of us enjoys, both professionally and personally, the process of renovating and designing homes. The South Creek home was never intended to be a lasting destination. After losing out on a contemporary home we had under verbal contract, we purchased the South Creek home. The expected path of renovate and sell has now changed. It wasn’t just the availability of nearby Elkhorn Creek, or the transformation of the exterior with the painting of the brick. What has...

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Youthful spirit: A kitchen transformation designed for a youthful family

A recent remodel of a traditional two story home in Two Creeks is wonderfully personal. The young, active family knew when they purchased the home in the Spring of 2020 that the home would undergo significant changes to reflect their personal style. All aspects of the renovation, inside and out, were designed and guided by the homeowner, with the aid of Patrick Cleveland, with his father, Murray Cleveland, serving as general contractor. The most significant change was the design of the kitchen. What was a dark, cramped kitchen has become a beautifully expansive family gathering area. Walls and doors...

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Obsessions and Confessions: Edit often, style tastefully

There is a lot going on with the house on Southcreek. A new (clear) outlook of Elkhorn Creek from the stone wall in the back. A new kitchen in motion. An exterior updated with painted brick and a new roof. Furnishings being refreshed. As I plan how I want to live in my own home, I pause to evaluate the logic, the choices and the reasoning behind how we live. What is revealed becomes a lesson of obsessions — and confessions. Midcentury and Danish modern aesthetics have long been a favored theme. Perhaps it comes from my childhood where...

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Mastering design: Common sense objectives for a successful design project

Design is everywhere. From the kitchen project you are dreaming, to the landscaping you need for your yard. You may not notice how much design surrounds us and how it has become a part of everyday living. You may not realize the design sensibilities you’ve absorbed, without knowing. It comes from the continual feed of elaborate design transformations on media sources, like Instagram, blogs and cable programing, and smartly designed restaurants and retail establishments you find yourself admiring. As someone who works daily with paint selections, kitchen renovations and full-scale home remodels, incorporating big doses of common sense is...

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Perfectly bright white: A classic white kitchen with layered style

There is no kitchen style more admired than a classic white kitchen. A well designed white kitchen survives trend after trend in kitchen design. The owners of this nearly complete classic white kitchen were looking for an option that would correct an awkward layout and aging cabinetry. A functional remodeling of the space now provides a perfectly bright white alternative.  Here is a look at the kitchen before the remodel. (Photo submitted) While the original kitchen was white, it exhibited cabinetry that was more than a little short in reaching the status of full height cabinetry. There was a small island...

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