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Pick up a pawpaw, put it in your pocket

By Liz Carey If you’re over the age of 40, you probably remember the old song, “Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch.” Now, thanks to a resurgence in popularity, “picking up a pawpaw and puttin’ ‘em in a basket” maybe as easy as heading to your local farmers market. Deborah Hill, owner of Brooks Hill Farm in Frankfort, says she’s seen her pawpaws fly off the table at the Franklin County Farmers’ Market in recent years. “More people are getting interested in them, there’s no doubt about that,” she said. “I have signs that I put up in...

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The moon, the mist and look at this!: A Frankfort photographers advice on Cumberland Falls moonbow photography

By Charlie Baglan, When we see it, we stop. For a minute, we stare. And although we’ve seen it too often to count, it commands our full attention. The full moon. In Kentucky, just a couple of hours south of Frankfort, the moon does more than inspire love songs. It leaves latenight travelers mesmerized for hours. I know, it still happens to me. I photograph it. Not the moon, but something it creates — the Cumberland Falls moonbow. Each year, thousands visit Cumberland Falls State Resort Park near Corbin to see the “Niagara of the South,” but few plan...

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Kentucky National Guard historian secures important artifacts for Kentucky

By Stuart W. Sanders, Kentucky National Guard historian John Trowbridge is tenacious when it comes to research. During a career spent commemorating and interpreting the Bluegrass State’s military history, Trowbridge has found forgotten burial sites and uncovered long-ignored stories from Kentucky’s martial past. Now, thanks to his efforts, two important 19th century artifacts have found a home at the Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) in Frankfort. While writing a blog post about the Battle of Buena Vista, fought during the Mexican-American War, Trowbridge began researching William F. Gaines, a teenage soldier from Scott County. Multiple times during the battle, Gaines...

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A pattern of old time beauty

By Liz Carey You’ll see them mostly on country roads — bright colors and block designs; the quilt squares of your grandmother’s treasured heirloom painted onto the front of a barn. They’re barn quilts and while they may appear to honor a time and tradition from long ago, the popularity of barn quilts started relatively recently. Pass by the Franklin County Fairgrounds and you’ll see a quilt square of blue and white arrows on one of the fairground’s barns. Like barns dotted across Franklin County, it was hand-painted and hung for the enjoyment of those passing by. Charlie Lewis,...

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Great reads!

“The book woman of troublesome creek” By Kim Michele Richardson Kentucky author Kim Michele Richardson’s new release, “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek,” is a well-researched historical novel based on the Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project. Established as part of FDR’s Works Progress Administration, this service brought books to the poorest and most isolated areas of Eastern Kentucky. It also created jobs for women, much like Richardson’s heroine, 19-year old Cussy Mary Carter. Set in 1936, Cussy and her father, an ailing coal miner, live in a tiny cabin in Troublesome Creek, Kentucky. Much to his dismay, Cussy works...

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