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Snapped: Flyer Band Bazaar, Dec. 4, 2021

The Franklin County High School Band Boosters hosted the Flyer Band Bazaar at the high school Dec. 4, 2021. (Photographs by Emily Perkins) Lacey Roberts Kesley Ruble and Christina Johnson Eddie and Donna Wisehart Andrea and Michelle Estrada The Neal Family.jpg Jodie Vaughn and Diana Vaughn Vonita Bennett and Rev. L....

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Snapped: Festival of Books, Dec. 4, 2021

The Bluegrass Writers Coalition held its first Festival of Books in support of local authors Dec. 4, 2021, at Completely Kentucky. (Photographs by Emily Perkins)  Steve Vest Bret Hopkins and Ray Peden Edmond Thompson and Richard Taylor Shannon McRoberts and Charles W. Pearl Vicki Easterly and John...

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Ring in the new year with these suggested books

“The Wolf and the Woodsman” by Ava Reid In the story of “Little Red Riding Hood,” we know something very clearly — the wolf is the monster and the woodsman is the hero. The wolf has gone out of his way to trick and eat innocent people, and it is only through the woodsman’s intervention that he can be stopped. “The Wolf and the Woodsman” by Ava Reid is not quite so clear-cut. This high fantasy novel centers on Evike, one of the famed wolf girls of the Ezer Szem forest. Wolf girls are the last relicts of the country’s pagan followers, preternatural creatures who look like ordinary young women but dress in wolf skins and wield powerful magic. As such, they are targeted by the nation’s king, who has sworn to uphold a new religion, the Patrifaith and root out all paganism. But even in this extraordinary world, Evike is not like the other wolf girls. She is, in fact, the only young woman in her village without any magical ability. She has spent her entire life ostracized and bullied, wishing desperately for a shred of magic and power. When she was just a child, her mother was taken by the Woodsmen, the king’s fanatical military sect. She has been alone and unloved ever since. As a barren wolf girl, Evike expected to remain in her village for...

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Snapped: Candlelight Weekend — Nov. 11-14, 2021

Candlelight Weekend took place Nov. 11-14, 2021, in downtown Frankfort. (Photographs by Charlie Baglan) Ann and Jason Hazelette Becky Vaughn and Candace Stayton Evan Nichols and Chelsea Marshall Clint Eads, Rebecca, Rhonda, Raelynn and Ricky and Raechel Clevinger Santa, Mrs. Claus, Lindsay Orange and Shelby Mosley Korina, Istra, Safiya Nawaar, Nashmia Nawaar Mandy and Shayla Perry Karen Mixson and Mary Ann Damron Tony Bryant and Nikita Quincy Robert and Debbie Deakin Jeremiah and Makenzie Ratliff Kathy and Caroline Nelson Denise, Bill and Alexandra Harper Gala Catron and Hermalyn Manglona Santa Russ Kennedy and Mandy...

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Snapped: Bourbon on the Banks — Oct. 22-24, 2021

Bourbon on the Banks took place Oct. 22-24, 2021. Carrie Roth, Jared Hack and Avery Hack, 3. (Photo by Hannah Brown) Chris Eastman and Mary Ondracek (Photo by Hannah Brown) Chino Ross and Camille Lane (Photo by Hannah Brown) Ann-Margret and Kevin Perkins (Photo by Hannah Brown) Sabrina and Grant James (Photo by Hannah Brown) Melissa and Bert VanHouten (Photo by Linda...

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