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Frankfort’s railroad tunnel

By Charles H. Bogart I am constantly amazed at the number of people who live and work in Frankfort who are unaware that there is a railroad tunnel in downtown Frankfort. The tunnel allows the railroad track that descends from Jett Hill via Vaughn’s Branch to enter downtown. Without this tunnel, the rails from Lexington would end on the southside of Main Street, just behind the State Arsenal Building; however, by using the tunnel, the rails pierce Main Street Hill and enter Broadway at High Street. In 1832, the Lexington & Ohio Railroad (L&O) began to build west from...

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Your fall reading list

“Inferno: A Memoir of Motherhood and Madness” by Catherine Cho A friend sent me a survey about “what kind of reader are you?” Do you like adventure or stick to one genre? Do you like to try new authors or would rather re-read favorites? “Inferno” by Catherine Cho is not a title I would choose, but as she grew up in Frankfort, and studied violin with my daughter, I had to at least give it a chance. I wondered how a 30 something year old had enough life experience to write a memoir, but only a few pages in,...

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Outstanding landscape design leads The Garden Club of Frankfort to choose Barker home as Frankfort’s House of the Month

By Theresa Damron Will and Gina Barker’s home is off a country road close to Leestown Road. It sits on a hillside above a stream. Will and Gina have lived here for almost 18 years with their children, Alexa and Olivia. During this time, they have created a lovely oasis for their family in both the front and back yards. Many of the landscaping ideas come from Alexa and Olivia. Because of the home’s outstanding landscape design, The Garden Club of Frankfort has chosen the home of Will and Gina Barkers’ home as Frankfort’s House of the Month. Crossing...

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Frankfort’s ‘Corner in Celebrities’

By Charles H. Bogart  Located in the northwest corner of Washington and Wapping streets, next to the Women’s Club, is a Kentucky Historical Marker that proclaims this the “Corner in Celebrities.” The names of 15 Frankfort citizens are listed on this historical marker. These natives of Frankfort were at one time known throughout the United States. The accomplishments of these individuals and how they helped shape the course of the United States is listed below: • George M. Bibb (1776-1859) was born in Virginia and moved to Frankfort circa 1800. While in Frankfort, he was made Master of Hiram...

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What we’re reading

“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” by Suzanne Collins It has been almost 12 years since “The Hunger Games” became an essential young adult fiction read. After the success of the book trilogy and movie franchise, Suzanne Collins takes us back to Panem for the 10th annual Hunger Games. Future villain President Snow is not yet in power, but a young student living in the Capitol. Coriolanus Snow is mentoring a tribute in the Games. With a lost family fortune on the line, Snow must fight to win a scholarship in order to maintain his family’s status and avoid poverty. Snow is assigned District...

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