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Welcome to the event: Russ Kennedy sharing love, story of Kentucky burgoo

“Burgoo is not a dish,” says Russ Kennedy, “it’s an event!” In a time when fast food seems to be the order of the day in our harried society, a “dish” that can take up to 10 hours to prepare if all the ingredients are raw to start, is an anomaly. That makes standing over a cast-iron pot and stirring the mix with something resembling a canoe paddle more a labor of love than a job. “The history of burgoo captures my heart,” say Kennedy, a lifelong Frankfort resident who grew up in Bellepoint and was a member of...

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The Garden Club of Frankfort working to restore Frankfort Cemetery Chapel

Among the gardens in Frankfort, both public and private, perhaps the most beautiful is the 100-acre Frankfort Cemetery on a picturesque East Main Street hill overlooking the Kentucky River and downtown. The final resting place of many, the cemetery has been called “The Westminster Abbey of Kentucky” for its beauty and elegance. On the grounds is a chapel, a Romanesque structure built in 1890. Members of The Garden Club of Frankfort, a group dedicated — among other things — to preserving and protecting the historic gardens, is working to once again restore and preserve the chapel. According to Carla...

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Casa Fiesta offering a taste of Mexican home cooking

In a time when restaurants seem to come and go — sometimes rapidly — Casa Fiesta runs contrary to the trend. Located in a colorful building at 801 Louisville Road and Leawood Drive that originally housed Frankfort’s first McDonald’s, Casa will celebrate its 24th anniversary on Derby Day. Jose Chavez is the owner. He credits the restaurant’s staying power to one thing — in addition to an outstanding menu. “Our loyal customers,” says Chavez, 47, whose family owns more than 20 Mexican restaurants. “We have a lot in Tennessee,” he said, sitting at a booth in his restaurant. “The...

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Don’t have time for a big garden, try container gardening

Let’s face it: most of us don’t have the time or space to plant a big garden. We still, however, might like to plant something to have a few fresh vegetables in the summer. And, there’s nothing like getting one’s hands in the dirt and watching plants grow. The answer to the shortage-of-space dilemma is small space or container gardening. They are similar — but not the same. Even the apartment dweller in the middle of town with only a small deck or porch, or those with tiny yards, can utilize containers or raised beds to raise a surprising quantity of fresh vegetables. Wayne Parrish, an excellent gardener who doesn’t do it on a small scale by any means, never puts a spade in the ground all summer yet he raises enough veggies to meet his family’s needs all year long – fresh, canned and frozen. All his plants grow in raised beds or containers. “A container,” Parrish says, “can be anything – an old bucket, a tub, half a whiskey barrel — anything. If it’s not a traditional in-the-ground garden, then it’s in a container of some sort — even if the container is a raised bed.” Parrish says he watches what people have put out by the curb and has found a lot of “containers.” He’s also used the ends of corrugated plastic pipe from construction projects...

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Bourbon on Main riding bourbon’s meteoric rise

Like surfers catching the perfect wave and riding it to shore, the owners of Bourbon on Main saw bourbon’s meteoric rise in popularity and wanted to capture the swell. They’re doing that in a unique setting that had seen three other variations of a bar/pub/restaurant come and go over the last few decades. Kelly May is a minority owner in Bourbon on Main, which opened in May of 2015. May is also the manager. “It started as St. George and the Dragon,” May said, sitting in the front room of what was a residence in the first half of...

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