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First United Methodist Church site of fascinating Frankfort history

Paul Sawyier (1865-1917) and Lillian Lindsey (1878-1939) were Frankfort citizens who envisioned Frankfort in different ways. Sawyier gained notoriety as an artist who painted scenes of Frankfort and the Kentucky River. Lillian Lindsey today could be coined as Frankfort’s early environmentalist, struggling to preserve the hills of Frankfort. Paul Sawyier captured the early buildings and byways of Frankfort and the Kentucky River. One painting shows the Vest Lindsey House, the home of Lillian Lindsey, at the corner of Washington and Wapping streets. Lindsey began several organizations, including The Garden Club of Frankfort, the Frankfort Women’s Club and ironically, the...

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House turned home: Flippers decide to stay put

The familiar red brick house on the curve at Leawood Drive was known as the home of Dr. Don and Mary Ann Howard and his family for over 50 years. It was also one of the first houses built in the Leawood neighborhood. But now it’s a home for Chris and Amanda Yeary and their two boys, who have lived in the house for two years and are in the process of renovating it. Though their livelihood is flipping houses, they have chosen to stay in this house. The red brick, now painted white, is framed by beautiful shrubbery...

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Gardening in your golden years

One can only imagine how bountiful and beautiful Jean Henry’s gardens were at the height of their growth. Not many of us could say we have a garden that has been nurtured for nearly 50 years, but Jean Henry of Frankfort can though she muses, “I’m much older than that.” Her large, bounteous garden is on the grounds of her home on Ridge Drive where she and her husband have lived since 1974. The garden began as a hobby for them as they enjoyed sharing the work and developing ideas on what to do next. Their first project was...

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Time for a ‘color-bration’: Garden Club of Frankfort hosts annual flower show

It is the Olympics of flower judging. The Garden Club of Frankfort’s (TGCF) annual flower show “Color-bration” has all the color, competition and excitement of the Olympic games. This year, the site of the show on May 17 was the historic Old Governor’s Mansion grounds. The show was open to all members of the Garden Club and invited exhibitors from The Franklin County Council of Garden Club. The 107 entries were scored according to the National Garden Club’s standard. Like the Olympics, entries are scored on stringent scoring guidelines. Entries are grouped together in divisions such as horticulture, design,...

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Kentucky River Campground rebounds to glory after March flood

It may well be that June is busting out all over, but some of us wondered how well Frankfort would recover from the March floods. One area of concern was the Kentucky River Campground (KRC), a favorite site for campers and boaters to visit. KRC, which has been recognized in the past by the Garden Club of Frankfort for its restoration efforts after previous floods, is one of several campgrounds on the Kentucky River. KRC is located about five miles north on U.S. 127 North. You can easily miss the sign for camping, which directs you to turn left...

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