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Carefully crafted restaurant drawing thousands in heart of bourbon country

While Rebecca Burnworth had designed restaurants before, she never envisioned owning one, too. Rebecca and her husband, Eric, are an architect-builder team responsible for the look of much of Lexington’s revamped Distillery District. And, earlier this year, the pair opened a restaurant in the northern Woodford County community of Millville that’s seen an immediate spike in popularity. From the walls to the small bourbon flights on each table, Eric and Rebecca are responsible for every intricate detail in an establishment they carefully crafted. When the restaurant, described as a new take on Kentucky and Southern classics, opened in June,...

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B’s Bakery goes ‘all out’ for the holidays

B’s Bakery spares no detail when creating its treats for a holiday or special occasion. When the Capital Plaza Tower was imploded in March, the downtown bakery created “Implosion Cupcakes,” complete with a small, edible replica of the tower on top, to mark the tower’s final day. For Frankfort’s Capital Pride Day, the bakery created cupcakes with small rainbows on them. And, among the many Halloween-themed treats this year were petit fours, bite-sized sweets, and brownies decorated with tiny skeletons or decorated to look like Frankenstein. And, when a host on the TV show “Hey Kentucky!” suggested Frankfort should...

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Frankfort newcomer Wendy Kobler embracing downtown

Wendy Kobler’s excitement about her new home isn’t hard to spot. She grins form ear-to-ear when showing off her second-floor apartment on West Main Street, and, starting with the wooden floors, makes copious use of the words “beautiful” and “gorgeous” to describe her new home in downtown Frankfort. “This is downtown living, Kobler said. “Look at this original floor. They were able to utilize a lot of this original floor. Look at this. Isn’t it gorgeous? “You can see how they started to piece it in. I’m not a carpenter, but this is beautiful.” Kobler, who joined the administration...

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Bridging the gap: Dr. Will Renshaw fulfilling love for intricate work through dentistry, guitar making

A habit that began partially out of necessity when dentist Will Renshaw was a college student has evolved into a second calling. And the products of that second calling can be found in Boston, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and, soon, in Michigan, too. That second calling is a combination of his passion for music, a need to repair his own guitars and a bit of influence from his father and grandfather. Renshaw a dentist by day and, often, a luthier by night. That is, Renshaw makes handcrafted acoustic and electric guitars and some repair jobs, too. “It’s really become this amazing...

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Effort to capitalize on bourbon heritage brings new museum exhibit to Frankfort

Ross Onan Jr.’s collection of bourbon memorabilia is more impressive than many. Mostly from the early 1900s, Onan estimates he owns 10 signs, 20 bourbon bottles with labels that have Frankfort ties and a bevy of miscellaneous items. The method to his bourbon collecting is simple — grab anything with Frankfort on it. “You know, there was so much turnover in the distillery owners that I’ve got a bunch of old labels with some ungodly names you’ve never heard of,” Onan said. “Now, they will all have Frankfort on them. I don’t buy one unless I absolutely know that...

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