Holly McClurkin

La Fiesta Grande is Frankfort’s version of Mexico

After 24 years, La Fiesta Grande is still going strong. The day before Derby Day in 1994, La Fiesta Grande opened its doors. With carpet flooring, pink booths and plain tables and chairs, it did not look anything like the brightly colored restaurant that is there now. All of the tables and chairs in La Fiesta Grande are handmade and painted. They are painted with carvings of Mexican villages, suns and other traditional symbols. The walls and booths are also painted the same way. Elpidio Escobar, the owner of La Fiesta Grande, said the ambiance in the restaurant is...

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Schneider family caring for dental patients, families needs since 1977

To some, the dentist may be scary, but at Dr. Schneider’s office, the dentist is family and people feel comfortable. The Schneiders’ involvement in dentistry began in 1977 when Barbara Schneider opened her own family dental practice. After helping Barbara around the office, her husband Richard realized dentistry was something he wanted to do and decided to switch from mechanical engineering to dentistry. He began dental school in 1978. Ever since his graduation, the Schneiders have worked side by side to bring superb dental care to Frankfort. In 1992, they moved in to their current location at 200 Kings...

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LiveWell Chiropractic offers family-friendly, open-door office

Dr. Shawn Chandler, at LiveWell Chiropractic and Healthy Living, has an open door policy at his family-friendly office that offers chiropractic, physical rehab and massage therapy. Chandler’s office allows patients to walk in, with no appointment, and be seen. They provide short term plans to resolve patients’ concerns. Most patients see improvement within three to ten visits. After seeing improvements, they can “pop in” whenever they like. LiveWell sees patients of all ages, from babies to elderly people. “We have a very different perspective,” Chandler said. “We don’t set people up on these strenuous long care plans. We have...

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Bourbon on Main serving craft beers, bourbon and food

Bourbon on Main is not here for the short haul. It is in Frankfort to stay and has become a downtown staple. The restaurant originally opened three years ago with the idea of having an amazing bar program. The bar is still an important part of Bourbon on Main, but the restaurant has begun to focus on its full service restaurant side due to customer demand.  “We’re focused on the craftier side on the bar program, certainly with the beers,” Kelly May, owner of Bourbon on Main, said. “Bourbon is the focus on the bar, obviously.” May said people...

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Mi Fiesta invites customers to feel at home in downtown Frankfort

When a customer walks into Mi Fiesta — in Downtown Frankfort on St. Clair Street — they not only walk into a premier Mexican restaurant, they become part of a family. Nearly one year ago, on June 9, Mi Fiesta began welcoming customers into their doors to celebrate each person’s mini-fiesta. Raquel Valles said she and her husband, Ismael Valladares, decided to name the restaurant “Mi Fiesta” to remind customers that everyone is welcome to celebrate at Mi Fiesta. Individual fiestas can range from a birthday party to celebrating a new job to meeting up with friends you haven’t...

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