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Walking a new path: Jennings enjoying the lighter side of life

Before making a major lifestyle change, Cathy and Todd Jennings took a trip to the Red River Gorge to hike the trail that leads to Natural Bridge. “We had to take breaks going up the hill,” Cathy said. A year later and 185 combined pounds lighter, the duo returned to the same trail and climbed it with ease. Todd and Cathy Jennings before their weightloss. (Photo submitted) “We went right up the hill,” she said. “Both of us were amazed at how good we did.” In July 2020, four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Todd and Cathy had reached...

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Musicians ‘hold on’ to their hometown

Nat Colten and Jeri Katherine Howell have traveled the world, but to them, there’s no place better than home. In June, they released an album about their beloved hometown — Frankfort. Nat and Jeri had the love of travel instilled in them at a young age while attending school at Good Shepherd Catholic School where Nat’s mother, Marianna Colten, was a Spanish teacher. “She was the person in my life that got me into Spanish and traveling and culture,” Jeri said. “She would bring in music and dance in our Spanish classes, and she encouraged both of us to...

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Snapped: Kentucky River Jam — Aug. 21, 2021

The Kentucky River Jam took place Aug. 21, 2021, at the Ward Oates Amphitheater at River View Park. Greg and Delilah Resor Melissa Costa Sabrina Ratliff and Lincoln Ratliff Chris Patrick, Megan Patrick, Jacob Allan, Craig Allan and Jinna Allan Rylan Howard, 13, and Chris Howard Heather Perkins Crystal Barker Bonnie Feeback, Mia Feeback, 8, Keith...

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Snapped: Nat Colten and Jeri Katherine Howell album release party — July 9, 2021

Nat Colten and Jeri Katherine Howell hosted a release party for their debut album “Holding On” July 9, 2021, at West Sixth Farm. Emily Dahl and Emily Bibb Kelley Scott, Jonathan Scott, Kaylee Mershon and Kaydence Scott Jack Layden, Thomas Becker, Lauren Samuelson Kyle Smith, Adriana Martin, Anne Evans, Francisco Leniz and Troy Kremer Emily Blevins, Jennie Nelson, Jennifer Quarles, Kelly Blevins and Noah Nelson Brad Gregory, Larisa Gregory, Reba Pierce and Jim Pierce Marisa Crenshaw and Brad Shader Andrew Washburn and Ts’Isk’w Stephanie Camic, Annie Forkner and Hannah...

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