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Add these books to your winter reading list

“Boy, Snow, Bird” by Helen Oyeyemi “This imaginative novel explores identity, race and family, arguing in brilliant language that black, white, good, evil, beauty and monstrosity are different sides of a single, awesome truth.” — People Communication can be difficult, especially between different generations, cultures and races because each of us has a fundamentally different perspective influenced by our experiences. “Boy, Snow, Bird” by Helen Oyeyemi centers around this difficulty, examining the relationship between an abusive parent and daughter, a White woman and her biracial daughter, and two sisters, one of whom can pass as White while the other cannot. It is a book filled with imaginary fairy tales, evil parents and trauma. The central character of “Boy, Snow, Bird” is a White woman named Boy Novak, and the book follows her from her adolescence in the 1930s through her adulthood in the ’50s and ’60s. Boy has always had extremely fair hair and spent most of her life admiring it, leading her to develop a strange and slightly obsessive relationship with mirrors. However, she was never good at getting along with others and was always a bit wry, a bit aloof. Her father, Frank Novak, was an abusive rat catcher who would torment rats and Boy until she eventually ran away to the idyllic, fairy tale-esque town of Flax Hill. It was there that she met Arturo Whitman, a...

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‘Trust in the journey’: Mary West breathes life back into self and home

When Mary West makes a goal, she sees it through. In July 2019, she set out to refurbish her 1950 bungalow on Fifth Avenue with a goal to have it done by Thanksgiving, which was exactly what she was able to accomplish. “It has been really satisfying seeing this cute bungalow that I love come to fruition,” West said. Up until last year, West spent her entire adult life caring for her family — first her grandparents then her parents. She traveled between Frankfort and Louisville often to care for them. Her Fifth Avenue home was more like a...

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Chasing horizons: Charles Bogart joins the Navy, sees the world

Out of high school, Charles Bogart knew one thing — he wanted to travel the world. As he walked past the post office in his hometown of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, near Newport, he would stop and look at recruitment posters for the Navy. “There was no money in my family to send me to college,” Bogart said. “I had never been anywhere. “The signs said ‘Join the Navy and see the world.’” The Navy served as a means of escape for Bogart, allowing him to see a part of the world other than the world his parents were locked...

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Little Market cooking up community in Bald Knob

“Why go to town” is the motto of the one-stop mom and pop shop Little Market in Bald Knob. Not only do they offer convenience items and gasoline, they are also serving up deli items and lunch specials. “A lot of people come in and are thankful we’re open, so they don’t have to go to town,” co-owner Katie Clark said. She owns the store with her fiancé, Dan Midkiff. Clark and Midkiff bought the store, which is located at 7460 Bald Knob Road, in 2017 from longtime owner Ronnie Wright. The store was formerly known as Wright’s Grocery....

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Just what Frankfort needed: Tony Bryant brings his BBQ to capital city

The first meal Tony Bryant ever cooked was when he was 6 years old and was accidentally left at home alone. “My mom and my sister got dressed to go to church on Easter, but I didn’t have church shoes to wear, so mom told me to go to my grandmother’s house next door,” Bryant said. Basically, his grandmother thought he was with his mother, and his mother thought he was with his grandmother. “I was home alone,” he said. Knowing they would come home from church hungry, Bryant went to work cooking an Easter feast. “I cooked fried...

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