Hannah Brown

Baking with bourbon

Experimenting in the kitchen is always fun to do, and when you add bourbon to the mix, it may just give you the kick you were looking for. Local Kris Dunn experiments often in the kitchen with bourbon. “I like to add bourbon to baked beans, sweet potato casserole, flavor whipped cream with it, and on occasion, add to my sweet tea — plus mint — yummy,” she said. Kris said that adding bourbon to those dishes were just random thoughts that seemed to pan out. The sweet potato casserole is always a big hit with her husband and...

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Detail oriented: Passions on display at John and Marcia Walker’s home

Upon arrival at their home, one is quick to notice that it’s the details that matter most to John and Marcia Walker. Their tri-level home in the Collins Lane neighborhood is surrounded with beautifully sculpted flowerbeds. Flowers of all varieties provide pops of color that are sure to catch the attention of passersby. A pink rhododendron provides a lovely contrast against their home, which has blue shutters that match the blue bricks that are scattered among bricks of red and brown tones. The home was built in 1968 using bricks from the old E.H. Taylor Distillery.  “We have lots of lavender,” Marcia said. “The peonies are starting to bloom, and mock oranges and roses are coming on. There are oriental poppies, and we’ll have Siberian irises.” When the Walkers bought their home in 1995 after moving to Frankfort, the only landscaping in the yard was two wooden boxes and two trees. One of their first projects was building a kidney bean-shaped garden that is now filled with flowers, including plants that attract monarch butterflies. A “Monarch Waystation” sign welcomes the migrating butterflies.  “That bean garden was special,” John said. “It took a lot of time.” The Walkers decided to share their talents for gardening with Frankfort by joining the Garden Club of Frankfort, which they’ve been members of since 1995. The club is involved with many beautification projects in...

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Life after bourbon: Wright’s repurposing used barrels

In the making of Kentucky bourbon, the spirit must be aged in a brand new white oak barrel. After it’s reached its state of perfection, the bourbon is removed and the barrel moves on to its second life. Some barrels are sent to Scotland to be used to make scotch; others are sent to Mexico, where they are used to age tequila. Some even go to craft brewers. Barrels that don’t end up in Scotland, Mexico or breweries are sent to repurposing centers, where they are either torn down or sold to crafters. Two of those crafters are locals...

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Add these suggested books to your summer reading menu

“The Lottery and other stories” by Shirley Jackson “Perhaps more than anything else, the horror story or horror movie says it’s okay to join the mob, to become the total tribal being, to destroy the outsider. It has never been done better or more literally than in Shirley Jackson’s short story ‘The Lottery.'” — Stephen King “The Lottery” was published in the New Yorker in 1948, and since then, has become one of the most recognized short stories in American history. Each year, a small village comes together to hold a lottery, and the “winner” is then stoned to...

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‘Beautiful and Brave’: Anna Murphy creating art that inspires

When Anna Murphy sits down to create a piece of art, she has two goals in mind — to inspire and uplift those who view it. Murphy, a 2007 graduate of Frankfort High School who now lives in Chicago, painted the mural “Beautiful and Brave” on the wall outside of Bourbon on Main, 103 W. Main St., in the fall of 2019. “The concept for this mural is inspired by what I think the world needs most right now, and that is unity,” Anna said. “It is about the unity between mankind, Mother Earth and the Animal Kingdom. It...

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