Andrea Wilson Mueller

Berry magic

We think of spring and summer as the colorful days of gardening, but let’s give a nod to the variety of berries our native plants produce in fall and winter too. In addition to winter interest for human eyes, these plants are important for our year-round and migratory birds. Birds that remain in our area year-round have adapted to seasonal changes and the impact they have on available food sources. Northern Cardinals for example, will eat berries in fall and winter, then switch to insects in spring and summer. Not only is this change in diet necessary for birds...

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What is good for geese may be bad for your yard

When was the last time you actually used a paper map to find your way to an address? You may be dating yourself if you admit remembering when vehicle seat back pockets were filled with those impossible to fold relics. Today, we rely on GPS apps to get us where we need to go. Canada geese, on the other hand, rely on neither yet manage to return to their same wintering ground and breeding area each year. How they navigate so precisely over such a far distance is a bit of a mystery to humans. Since they bond for...

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Project spotlight: Five takeaways from an award-winning project

World renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel once said that “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” This obviously holds true for more than clothing. In landscaping, simplicity is often created with an abundance of details, and a well thought out design results in something that appears to be effortless. A space that is readily understandable by our eye and mind results in the feeling of relaxation and peace. Isn’t that what appeals to us as humans when we experience a space? A landscape that allows a cluttered mind and a busy daytime routine to vaporize is what we...

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From human-made to second nature

Unlike other parts of the country, in the Bluegrass when we think of stone in the landscape we immediately envision the limestone walls that line our country roads and pastures. They are considered a trademark of Kentucky — particularly the Bluegrass region. These landscape features evoke a sense of history, but they also illustrate the fact that even the most utilitarian elements of a landscape can be beautiful.   Hardscapes are considered the non-living parts of a landscape, such as walkways, walls, patios and driving surfaces. Materials range from wood and metal to concrete and stone. In addition to their...

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Why the natives are restless

We have discussed creating native areas, non-native invasive plants and native naturalizers, but why do native plants play such a key role in our landscapes and beyond? Perhaps the biggest benefit of growing natives to a gardener is that they are adapted to our soils and weather. These are not the visitors from Texas who do not own a coat — they are the neighbors who know when to put up their garden hose and set out their snow shovel. This may be one of the great advantages to growing natives, but let’s look at the bigger picture. The...

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